Lights of Inclusion

In the Canadian Museum for Human Rights’ Canadian Journeys gallery, the Lights of Inclusion Floor Game provides a playful interpretation of the idea that our actions affect others and that we have to work together as a community to improve human rights. The game is a 21’ (6.4m) white circular interactive floor projection that rewards people coming together to form groups. When people walk through the circular area, spotlight-like colorful orbs and trails follow them around. When people come close to each other, their orbs merge and their outlines begin to animate energetically.

Jockey Club

In partnership with international digital agency Possible Worldwide, Tactable developed cutting-edge interactive gaming tables for the The Hong Kong Jockey Club, one of the globe’s most prestigious horseracing associations. Debuting at the Club’s hip Adrenaline Bar, the IBU tables were designed to appeal to a younger generation of more digitally and socially-oriented patrons.