NYPA Power Grid Table

For the New York Power Authority, we implemented a tangible multitouch simulation table of an electric grid. This is a flagship interactive created for the NYPA Power Vista visitor's center near Niagara Falls, NY. In an open-ended fashion, it lets people create arbitrary power grids and provides useful feedback on how their grid works and how to improve it. Tangible objects representing different parts of the grid, such as generators, transformers, and neighborhoods are placed on the table. People connect them with their fingers to create a live power grid, but don't connect the hydro-generator directly to your neighborhood - it will burn down with 13k volts going in! The electric grid created by visitors is simulated in real time and the successes and problems are displayed as alerts on each element. The table also connects to a site-specific theatrical video event. The table highlights the different parts of the hydroelectric dam in sync with a projected movie creating a true multi-media experience.

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